Who is ProNet Travel?

ProNet Travel, is a travel management company that offers the corporate travel manager and the private traveler the assistance and guidance they need when planning and booking transport and accommodation. Combining our 82 years of travel experience, a single-minded dedication to service, a commitment to achieving client satisfaction, industry leading technology and an infrastructure to rival any larger competitor, have proven to be the reason for the success of ProNet Travel, since its establishment in 2004.

Aligning with eTravel as a service agent, gives ProNet Travel the confidence to offer our clients a product offering that is securely and competitively sourced and booked according to the IATA and ASATA regulations.


Why use an ASATA member as your Travel Agent?

  1. Convenience - An ASATA Member will source all components of your trip, including flights, accommodation, car rental and all the little things that experience have tought us.

  2. Experts - Our Travel agents are experts in travel, destinations, land marks and how the to get you there.

  3. Personal service - ASATA Members will take the time to listen to your dreams to have the perfect trip, and customise a itinerary to make it a reality.

  4. Professional advice - All ASATA accredited travel agencies and travel professionals have the experience, training and knowledge to ensure that in every instance you get the best travel package, at the right price.

  5. Satisfaction - Our aim is to give you the service and product that you want and deserve. We work on your behalf, and have your interest at heart.

  6. Time - ASATA Members are connected to international vendors to have immediate access to all bookings, therein saving you time.

  7. TLC -  If you have a unforeseen problem during your trip, your travel agent is a phone call away to assist you.

  8. Trust - ASATA Members are people, with a understanding of your needs and a eagerness to help you, and will know your requirements in future.

  9. Value - An ASATA Member will know about all the available options, special promotions and

  10. Variety - You will be offered a wide selection of itineraries and quotes from reputable suppliers.
Our Port Elizabeth-based office services our clients locally, nationally and internationally via email or telephonically.